Alterations to Unfinished pants


We will be pleased to cuff or plain hem your trousers. Take your favorite pair of dress trousers and lay them on a flat table. Measure from top of waistband to the bottom of the trouser. This is the outseam measurement.

  • $12.00 additional

  • Allow 4-6 additional business days for shipping

  • Any questions, please contact us.


Suit Cover Up

Add the permanent London Suits Cover Up to any dress or casual pants and have a permanent crease that:

  • Stays sharp while you're on the road

  • Lasts the life of the garment

  • Remains crisp, whatever the weather

  • Withstands washing, dry cleaning and normal wear and tear

  • Only $10


Tailoring Services is also available our stores.


Plain $12

Back $25

Pants Take End $30

Sleeve $25

Waist $20