Clothing Combination #4 – A Sports Jacket / Heavy Coat + A Denim Jacket

When you think of a sports jacket that’s layered over a denim jacket, it can seem strange or redundant. But consider the following factors:

  • Your denim jacket has the right fit (close to the body)

  • Your sports jacket is quite looser than your denim jacket

  • It’s cold outside

When all the above come together – it’s the perfect scenario to wear your denim jacket under your sports jacket and keep yourself warm.

But while I do call it a stylish look, it’s also a pretty fashion-forward one. Not everyone is the type who can pull it off easily.

So, here’s another option for the average guy to try out: wear a denim jacket under a heavier coat – as in a parka, overcoat, trench coat, fatigue jacket, etc.

The only thing you’ll want to avoid is any coat which has the same color (or shade of blue) as your denim jacket.

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