Clothing Combination #3 – Double Denim (With A Stylish Accessory)

Some may not like the idea of going double with a fabric like denim. But the truth is as long as both items do NOT appear like each other’s sibling, a denim top & jeans will stand out nicely.

The trick here is you don’t want the two pieces to match exactly. Some degree of contrast is needed – like a dark wash pair of jeans going with a light wash denim jacket.

Try the following methods to enhance your denim items with a darker hue or pattern: vintage wash, acid wash or stone wash.

Denim can also go perfectly with a simple and elegant accessory (not the flashy type like bling-bling worn by those hip-hop artists).

Speaking of accessories – isn’t it hard finding a nice & affordable dress watch to spice up your casual gear (or in this case, your double denim)? Many would also think that a $150 watch is just the typical cookie-cutter kind.

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