Clothing Combination #1 – Mixing & Matching Patterns

Normally it’s true that too much of anything is bad or distracting. But there’s an exception for multiple clothing patterns.

If you manage to incorporate 4+ different patterns in your outfit properly – the whole thing will be one of those cases where it looks “so wrong but so right.”

But beware – there are certain rules you need to follow to be successful:

  • Never repeat the exact same pattern. That means the spacing between stripes must vary for each striped item (and likewise for all other items with similar patterns).

  • Make sure no two patterns are of the same size.

  • Keep the colors muted so that the patterns don’t come off as too showy.

Here’s one example of a multi-patterned combination that may just work for you:

  • A solid, dark-colored suit

  • A striped, light-colored dress shirt

  • A dark-colored necktie with dots (or any small repeating pattern)

  • A paisley-patterned pocket square (pink makes a great color)

  • A Glen plaid/Glen check type of sports jacket (color depends on the other items)

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