-Slim-Fit Suits Explained-

Suits can come in many different patterns & sizes. One of the most common fits for Men's Suits nowadays is that of the Slim-Fit.

A Slim-Fit Suit is typically described as a suit that hugs your frame as opposed to a Regular Fit which has more wiggle room. A Slim-Fit isn't considered a skin tight fit but can be tailored slimmer if the gentleman has a request to do so most likely common with fit, in shape workout enthusiasts.

Keep in mind the goal of a Slim-Fit suit is to get rid of all the excessive fabric and material sometimes considered a "baggy" look.

Typically, Slim-Fit suits can be purchased as a whole outfit including the jacket/coat and the pants. Gentleman prefer to match their separates such as ties and dress shirts to match the Slim-Fit look as well.

Gentleman who wear a tie with their Slim-Fit suits usually wear a Slim-Fit tie as a wider, thicker tie can come off looking very bulky and excessive.

Very important to note that all suits and dress shirts despite having the same size will not always fit the same. This is why it's important to try on all your suits before making a purchase or make sure wherever you're purchasing your suits has a solid return policy in place as to avoid any future headaches that could arise from a suit not fitting to your standards.

Slim-Fit suits although mostly worn by gentleman with leaner, trim physiques can be worn by people of all sizes as long as the suit is the right size & fit and will compliment any gentleman's build with a perfect silhouette fit.

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​Photo of Kobe Bryant courtesy of GQ​

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